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Rebooting the Sales Demo Panel with Todd Caponi and Ed Jaffe


Personal ABM and Stop the Sales Drop CEO recently sat down with Todd Caponi (author of The Transparency Sale) and Ed Jaffe from Win with Demos to discuss how sales should be earning the right to demo their solution to prospects. They also discussed:

  • How to increase transparency and earn the buyers’ trust during demos so they do not seek validation through other sources, also known as your competition.
  • The steps you need to take before asking for a demo, so you get the response you want
  • How you should engage buyers before, during, and after the demo, so you do not get stuck in an RFP.
  • Why a focus on scaling is the reason why most social, email, and live conversations (including demos) result in unresponsiveness.
  • How we need to move away from the traditional feature/benefit demo and move toward a more personal approach that focuses on account-specific gaps, impacts, and growth opportunities.
  • What your buyers need to know during the demo – all other information that most sales teams include is white noise.
  • The psychology behind penetrating the C-suite with your demos.

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