Bridging the C-Suite, Sales & Marketing Teams Worldwide

Growing Stronger Together – How to Rebound Today vs. “18+ Months”

In 5 Days of Live Sessions, Gain a Year’s Knowledge That You Can Listen to Again and Again On-Demand…


Expert Showcase

Learn from 50+ top sales and marketing innovators including global agencies, leading venture capital firms and C-Level Executives in industries which are all seeing disruptions.


Innovation Labs

Learn how videos can be added to your specific sales and marketing process, where opportunities exist to improve social/email/ live conversations & how to remove costs from your revenue gen.


Connect and Meet the Experts

Our “conversations with the experts” track will start off with 1-on-1 interviews and then the audience will be invited to join the discussion, ask their questions and engage with our experts.


Panel Discussions

While there will be keynotes and some solo-presentations, we’re focused on keeping you engaged through interactive experiences and panel discussions where you’ll listen to actionable wisdom and learn about the changes that sales and marketing organizations are making today.


High-level Networking

During this time, everyone needs to come together to collaborate vs. competing, even in sales and marketing! We are creating peer groups that will give a sense of community & shared context that will lead you to fast-thinking shifts.


Post-Event Strategic Planning

Gain opportunities to meet with select guest experts 1-on-1 after the event to create your customized execution plan for the key ideas and concepts that you want to take quick action on. There is no more learn it and forget it as we’re giving you the next steps.

The Live “Stop the Sales Drop” Virtual Event is Better Than “Free” or “Traditional” Online Summits Emerging Out of C-19


No Death by Power Point!

Most traditional sales and marketing summits that are promoted by associations, tech vendors and others are nothing more than “canned” Power Point sessions with a C-19 twist. We are 95% Power Point Free (Because sometimes there is no other alternative.)


Say Goodbye to 45 Minutes of Fluff

Traditional virtual summits have painful, 60-minute long sessions with 45 minutes of fluff. Our experts are limited to 23 minutes where they must provide real, up-front value for fast relief.


Our Sessions Won’t Put You to Sleep!

80% of our sessions require audience interaction as the schedule is full of panel discussions, conversations with the experts and innovation labs. That will wake you up!


Feel Like You’re in a Live Event @Home

We learned from late night TV that everyone can have a live audience experience when the show is broadcast from home. Traditional virtual summits lack the sense of community that is felt at “live” events. We provide a community where everyone is focused on the shared goal of rebounding from the sales drop and re-entering a changing market.


Feel Alone No More

Gain a team that supports your growth. Traditional virtual summits push tips, tools, strategies and ideas. They take your money and then abandon you. Only STSD provides post-event support. You get free strategy sessions, a plan to execute on – plus weekly peer groups for 30 days to support you taking action.


Feel Understood

Traditional virtual events leave you excluded. STSD includes you in every bit of what we do. When you register for our summit, you will fill out a survey so our speakers can design their sessions around your needs. Then, we provide interaction and peer groups so you can be heard.

Learn From Our Collective Intelligence Through Live Sessions, On-Demand Recordings and Post-Event Networking Opportunities …

Eric Gruber

[CEO of Personal ABM & Stop the Sales Drop]

Kristina Jaramillo

[President of Personal ABM & Partner at Stop the Sales Drop]

Roger Sanford

[CEO of CEO Wingman & Partner at Stop the Sales Drop]

Lee Odden

[CEO & Co-Founder at TopRank Marketing]

Ardath Albee

[VP of Marketing at Modus & CEO of Marketing Interactions]

Max Altschuler

[VP Marketing at Outreach & CEO of Sales Hacker]

Jessica Fewless

[Former VP of ABM Strategy at Demandbase]

Colleen Stanley

[Founder of SalesLeadership]

Matt Heinz

[President of Heinz Marketing]

Tyler Lessard

[VP of Marketing at Vidyard]

Julie Thomas

[President & CEO Value Selling Associates]

Lisa Shepherd

[President at The Mezzanine Group]

Todd Caponi

[Founder, Speaker & Trainer at Sales Melon]

Elissa Fink

[Former CMO of Tableau Software & Current Advisor to Tech Companies]

Rob Jeppsen

[Founder & CEO of Xvoyant]

John Moore

[VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan]

Howard Sewell

[President at Spear Marketing Group]

Scott Baradell

[CEO at Idea Grove]

Shari Johnston

[Partner, Account Based Strategy Practice Lead at Winning by Design]

Michael Brenner

[CEO & CMO at Marketing Insider Group]

Learn From Our Experts About the Opportunities the “Great Pause” Presents….

Our keynote speaker, Roger Sanford, exited his own boot-strapped startup Digital Agency, P3M, at $100 Million at the age of 44. As a Dean’s Professor, he taught eMBA’s at Santa Clara University and refined the methodology of “Geogrowth™” to help companies grow rapidly. As an investor/advisor to tech companies, he helped over 35 startups become global enterprises. Now, he made shifts in his personal and business life to co-found the non-profit HealthGrid Alliance, bringing solutions to market that will help with the war on C-19. Roger will show how this “unprecedented” time is giving businesses a chance to re-boot and create an even stronger future.

Here’s a Sample of What You Will Learn in Our 5-Day Summit.

Informational Sessions
Conversations with the Experts
Panels & Innovation Labs
Informational Sessions
  • Avoiding Sales and Marketing Paralysis with Eric Gruber - the CEO of Personal ABM
  • Changing the Sales and Marketing Conversation Context with Ardath Albee – VP of Marketing at Modus
  • Pivots to Growth in the Era of C-19 with Lisa Shepherd (President of the Mezzanine Group)
  • Throwing Out the Sales Playbook with Joshua Desha (Director of Business Development for First Star HR)
  • Breaking Free of Boring B2B Marketing During C-19 with Lee Odden (CEO of Top Rank Marketing)
  • Evolving with the Market Environment and Customer Demands with Jennifer Askjaer (CEO of The Restaurant Collaborative)
  • Predictable Pipelines Even in Times of Extreme Uncertainty with Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing)
Conversations with the Experts
  • Navigating the New State of Social Selling with Personal ABM President Kristina Jaramillo and James Burnette from LinkedIn
  • Sales Enablement for Uncertain Times with Scott Barker at Sales Hacker
  • Creating Movement in a World That Is Stopped with Matt Shachter from StrategiCMO
  • The Changing Role of Video in Sales and Marketing with Tyler Lessard (VP of Marketing at Vidyard) and Roger Sanford (digital marketing tech pioneer with video tech patents.)
  • Re-teaching Buyers How to Start Buying Again with Marty Tascona from Deliberate Selling
  • Shifting Away from Field Sales with Max Altschuler at Outreach
  • Re-Defining Your C-Suite Customer Relationship with Jane Hiscock from the Farland Group
Panels & Innovation Labs
  • Panel: Empathetic Sales and Marketing Without Getting Compassion Fatigue
  • Panel: Changing the Sales Game
  • Panel: Evolving ABM and Demand Gen for the C-19 Era
  • Innovation Lab: Increasing Sales and Marketing’s Relevance
  • Improving Your Selling Conversation
  • Removing Costs From Your Revenue Generation
  • Integrating Videos into Your Sales and Marketing Process

Everything You Will Get When You Register Now for the Stop the Sales Drop Virtual Summit That Takes Place June 1 – June 5, 2020:

50+ guest experts to learn from in a 5-day period. You pick the sessions you want to attend and which ones you want to listen to on-demand.
No fluff. No PowerPoint Presentations. You get actionable insights to help you make business, sales and marketing shifts for future growth
Real engagement and conversations with the guest experts, peer-to-peer groups and high-level networking that is typically reserved only for high dollar, live events.
Free on-demand sessions after the event for all alumni

In Addition to Live ‘Virtual’ Sessions and On-Demand Recordings, You Also Get…

Bonus Pre-Summit Workshop that will help you understand the economic phases of C-19 and the sales and marketing implications ($97.00 value)
Bonus Pre-Summit Sales and Marketing Therapy Workshop that will help you prioritize the opportunities for growth you uncover ($97.00 value)
Bonus Pre-Summit Workshop on empathetic coaching for sales leaders. ($97.00 value)
Sales Enablement Research That is Only 2 Weeks Old – Scott Santucci surveyed over 100 sales enablement professionals, interviewed 44 industry experts (including CEOs of the top vendors, executive sponsors of enablement programs and academics) and hosted many panels to find areas of common ground among sales enablement professionals. You’ll learn about the clear patterns that are emerging for what the future of sales and sale enablement will look like post-COVID. ($297.00 value)

And, Post-Event Support! You Get…

We will match you with the right experts based on your needs – and give your leadership, sales and marketing teams a free strategy session. (Our guest experts typically charge $500 – $1000 per hour)

After your strategy session, you will gain access to the recording plus you’ll be provided with an action roadmap for you and your team to follow. This way there is no more “learn the information and forget it.”  (Value: $500)

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Just Give Me the Summit

With this option, you will miss out on the strategy session, action plan, pre-summit workshops and post-event peer groups that are valued at $2187.00 but you will get:

Our 5 Day Virtual Summit

On-Demand Recordings

New BOGO Offer – When You Register By May 29, 2020, You Will Get One Complimentary Pass That You Can Give to a Colleague or Client!

Complete Virtual Summit Experience

Pre-Event Workshops

5 Day Summit – Unlimited Sessions

On-Demand Recordings

Strategy Session After the Event

Roadmap That’s Focused on Your Growth Goals

Free Weekly “Themed” Peer Group Meetings

New BOGO Offer – When You Register By May 29, 2020, You Will Get One Complimentary Pass That You Can Give to a Colleague or Client!

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