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An Alternative to Waiting 18+ Months to Getting Back to Pre-C-19 Revenue Levels

5 Days of Collective Peer Intelligence That Will Help You Rebound & Prepare for a Changing Future

Companies to Learn From

If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside then the end is near. -Jack Welch

While the 21st Century’s first pandemic is stopping virtually everything in its tracks (including sales and marketing), venture capital firms, investor groups, SMBs, mid-market firms and enterprises alike need to take the opportunity the “Great Pause” presents. Now, is the time to…shift the business, sales and marketing and plot a new heading for growth in the new abnormal world. We need to optimize business models, processes, communications, prospecting and sales & marketing strategies that will improve revenue performance of portfolios and companies during and after Coronavirus (DC & AC). The goal is to move companies from the “Great Pause” to the “Great Shift” as the actions you take now will determine your future market position.

While C-19 is the reason we started the “Stop the Sales Drop” Virtual Summit, the information shared in the 5 day event, will continue to be invaluable as there will always be circumstances where companies see drops in sales and revenue growth. There will always be internal and external factors that will force leadership, sales and marketing to make a turnaround – or get over the hump.

[The Summit]
How Stop the Sales Drop Will Augment Leaders to Face Adversity During This Uncertain Time and Drive Growth

Expert Showcase

Learn from 30+ top sales and marketing innovators including global agencies, leading venture capital firms and C-Level Executives in industries which are all seeing disruptions.


Innovation Labs

Learn how videos can be added to your specific sales and marketing process, where opportunities exist to improve social/email/ live conversations & how to remove costs from your revenue gen.


Connect and Meet the Experts

Our “conversations with the experts” track will start off with 1-on-1 interviews and then the audience will be invited to join the discussion, ask their questions and engage with our experts.


Panel Discussions

While there will be keynotes and some solo-presentations, we’re focused on keeping you engaged through interactive experiences and panel discussions where you’ll listen to actionable wisdom and learn about the changes that sales and marketing organizations are making today.


High-level Networking

During this time, everyone needs to come together to collaborate vs. competing, even in sales and marketing! We are creating peer groups that will give a sense of community & shared context that will lead you to fast-thinking shifts.


Post-Event Strategic Planning

Gain opportunities to meet with select guest experts 1-on-1 after the event to create your customized execution plan for the key ideas and concepts that you want to take quick action on. There is no more learn it and forget it as we’re giving you the next steps.

[Our Speakers]
Learn From Our Collective Intelligence…

Eric Gruber

[CEO of Personal ABM & Stop the Sales Drop]

Kristina Jaramillo

[President of Personal ABM & Partner at Stop the Sales Drop]

Roger Sanford

[CEO of CEO Wingman & Partner at Stop the Sales Drop]

Geoff Ables

[Managing Partner at C5 Insight]

Ardath Albee

[VP of Marketing at Modus & CEO of Marketing Interactions]

Max Altschuler

[VP Marketing at Outreach & CEO of Sales Hacker]

Jennifer Askjaer

[CEO of Restaurant Collaborative ]

Scott Barker

[Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker]

Josh Braun

[Founder of Sales DNA]

James Burnette

[Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales at LinkedIn]

Joshua Desha

[Director of Business Development at FirstStarHR]

Patrick Downs

[Sales Enablement for PandaDoc]

Gavin Drake


Jessica Fewless

[Former VP of ABM Strategy at Demandbase]

Colleen Stanley

[Founder of SalesLeadership]

Richard Harris

[Founder of Harris Consulting Group]

Matt Heinz

[President of Heinz Marketing]

Carlos Hidalgo

[Chief Strategy Officer at DemandGen]

Jane Hiscock

[President of Farland Group]

Scott Leese

[CEO of Scott Leese Consulting, CEO of Surf and Sales & Advisor to Many]

Tyler Lessard

[VP of Marketing at Vidyard]

Megan Marini

[Business Consultant]

Diane Mitchell

[SVP Sales & Marketing at RGL Logistics]

Sam Page

[Marketing Director at Passle]

Matt Shachter

[Founder of StrategiCMO]

Mark Shapiro

[CEO of Agile Product Marketing Group]

Marty Tascona

[President of Deliberate Selling]

Julie Thomas

[President & CEO Value Selling Associates]

Chris Walker

[CEO of Refine Labs]

Tony Yang

[Associate Faculty Member Alchemist Accelerator]

Lisa Shepherd

[President at The Mezzanine Group]

Todd Caponi

[Founder, Speaker & Trainer at Sales Melon]

Elissa Fink

[Former CMO of Tableau Software & Current Advisor to Tech Companies]

Rob Jeppsen

[Founder & CEO of Xvoyant]

James Rores

[Founder & CEO at Floriss Group]

Lee Odden

[CEO & Co-Founder at TopRank Marketing]

Dan Orloff

[Principal at Orloff Marketing]

Daniel Englebretson

[Co-founder at Khronos]

John Moore

[VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan]

Neil Cohen

[Marketing Therapist & Advisor to tech firms]
What To
Here Are Some of the Informational Sessions You Can Expect When You Register for the Stop the Sales Drop Virtual Summit
  • “The Great Pause” & the Opportunities it Presents - Keynote by Roger Sanford who exited his own boot-strapped startup Digital Agency, P3M, at $100M. As a Dean’s Professor, he taught eMBA’s at Santa Clara University and refined the methodology of “Geogrowth” to help companies grow rapidly. And as an investor/advisor to tech companies, he helped more than 20 startups become global enterprises. Now, he made shifts in his personal and business life and co-founded the HealthGrid Alliance, which is bringing products to the market that will help with the war on C-19. Roger will show how this unprecedented time is giving businesses a chance to re-boot and create an even stronger future as many of the market changes we’re seeing will not be temporary.
  • Avoiding Sales and Marketing Paralysis - As many companies and sales and marketing teams are standing still waiting for “business as normal” to resume, Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) will share specific changes that can drive your business forward.
  • Economic Phases of C-19 and the Sales and Marketing Implications - Sam Page, Marketing Director at Passle, shares how he expects the world to go from crisis to false pneuma to exogenous recession and the shifts his team is making. You’ll learn about the do’s and don’ts at each stage and how you should be “supporting” not “selling” at this time.
  • Changing the Sales and Marketing Conversation Context - Ardath Albee (VP of Marketing at Modus & CEO of Marketing Interactions) will share the communication shifts that will help organizations connect with buyers on a human level. She’ll show what buyers were focused on - and what they are most likely focused on now.
  • Pivots to Growth in the Era of C-19 - Lisa Shepherd, President of the Mezzanine Group, will provide insight on B2B demand and lead generation during this time and how companies should be shifting and re-prioritizing their campaign, analyzing what is happening so you can do something unique for your brand and how to make necessary changes while keeping the team focused.
  • Throwing Out the Sales Playbook - Joshua Desha (Director of Business Development for FirstStar HR and Sales Coach at Sales Rebellion) will share the fast cuts in the sales process that will help you build value, community, relationships and future sales cycle growth.
  • Predictable Pipelines Even in Times of Extreme Uncertainty - Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) and author of the upcoming book “Predictable Pipeline” will share strategies will drive short term growth and accelerate sales cycles during a time when projects are paused or suspended and when sales growth is drying up. This presentation will help companies navigate any variety of headwinds that can come during and after C-19.
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Evolving with the Market Environment and Customer Demands - Jennifer AskJaer (CEO of Restaurant Collaborative & Partner at MarketingtoFranchises.com) will share how many QSRs sales dropped by 70-90% because they panicked and accepted market conditions pivoting. She will show how QSRs have limited drops to 20% and how they will create stronger growth in the longer term. While she will be sharing stories within the QSR industry, the information is adaptable to B2B industries.
[With Experts]
Here Are Some of the “Conversations” You Will Have with the Experts:
  • Navigating the New State of Social Selling - Personal ABM President Kristina Jaramillo that was featured in LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide and James Burnette from LinkedIn will share the pre-C-19 gaps that kept sales and marketing from truly connecting with prospects and customers on social. They’ll share how social profiles, communities, content and prospecting should evolve in this new state and answer your questions on how you can create more sales cycles and revenue using LinkedIn.
  • Sales Enablement For Uncertain Times - Scott Barker (Host of the #1 podcast for sales enablement in the modern era & Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker) will talk about the content that sales teams need during this time when companies need to be supported vs sold, how processes should be evolved and things to think about when it comes to tech. He’ll also answer your questions on sales enablement tech and which tools to keep and which ones you can remove from your stack so your company can conserve cash.
  • Creating Movement in a World That is Stopped - Matt Shachter from StrategiCMO will share in an interview how he and his tech clients are making changes to move the needle 90-days, 6 months and 12 months from now. He will then lead a discussion with the audience on where their movement is coming from.
  • The Changing Role of Video in Sales and Marketing - Tyler Lessard (VP of Marketing at Vidyard)  and Roger Sanford (a digital marketing pioneer with video tech patents) will discuss how sales and marketing can use video to better connect with prospects and customers. They will then open the conversation to learn the innovative ways the audience is using videos.
  • Re-Teaching Buyers How to Start Buying Again - Marty Tascona from Deliberate Selling will share how buyers will continue to be in “maintenance” mode long after the crisis is over and the sales process shifts that will lead status quo accounts to a close. Sales VPs will then be able to share their selling process and conversations and gain immediate, actionable feedback on how they can better facilitate sales.
  • Shifting Away from Field Sales - Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing, at Outreach will share the shifts that both sales and marketing teams need to make as there are no “live” meetings and events. Even the Dreamforce event has been canceled. So where should we be diverting the focus?
  • Moving to Digital - In the aftermath of C-19, digital transformation will be critical to the survival of every business. Geoff Ables, Managing Partner at C5 Insight, will share case studies of companies gaining 10%+ more revenue and the challenges they had to overcome.. He will then answer your questions as you plan next steps.
  • Revenue Growth During & After a Crisis - James Harris, CEO at Seraph Science, will first answer how to continue to drive high-value relationships and pipeline, how to continue to support your ABM plans during this period of disruption and how do you connect your marketing spend with revenue in the face of uncertainty. Then, James Harris and Personal ABM CEO (Eric Gruber) will answer your ABM questions and how you can continue to engage with the C-suite.
  • Redefining Your C-Suite Customer Relationships -  Jane Hiscock, President of the Farland Group, will help you better understand your C-suite customers and how you can deliver ideas, inspiration, innovation and influence during this challenging time. Through conversations with the audience, she’ll then help you build your C-suite client experience strategy.
[Expert Panel Discussions]
Here Are Some of the Expert Panel Discussions You’ll Listen to When You Register…
  • Empathetic Sales and Marketing Without Getting Compassion Fatigue - Many outbound sales and marketing teams are failing to show authentic empathy - while others swung the pendulum too far. Colleen Stanley (Author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success), Josh Braun (Founder of Sales DNA), and Business consultant Megan Marini discuss how to connect with buyers with real-world empathy.
  • Changing the Sales Game - Inside this panel discussion, Julie Thomas (CEO of Value Selling Associates) and Scott Leese (3X Top 25 AA-ISP Inside Sales Leader) will share the sales communication and process shifts they’re advising their b2b tech clients. Richard Harris (Founder of The Harris Consulting Group) will share how he went from zero revenue (the first time in 4 years) to having the best “sales” month EVER.
  • Changing the Marketing Game - Gavin Drake (CMO at Ease) shares how he and the other CMOs within the Spotlight Equity Partner’s portfolio are changing their marketing plans while Elissa Fink (Former CMO of Tableau Software) will discuss how she continually made positioning and marketing shifts to turn the company from a start-up to a $10B+ enterprise and Megan Thorp from Winnow Digital Marketing Services will talk about the algorithm changes to digital platforms as a result of COVID-19 and how it would impact B2B content marketing. 
  • Evolving ABM and Demand Gen for the C-19 Era - Carlos Hidalgo (Chief Strategy Officer at DemandGen), Tony Yang (Alchemist Accelerator), Jessica Fewless (Former VP of ABM Strategy at DemandBase) and Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) will share how to evolve your marketing to make it more customer-centric as buyers want a stronger connection at this time where we are social distancing.
[Innovative Labs]
Here Are Some of the Innovation Labs & Interactive Experiences at the Stop the Sales Drop Virtual Summit:
  • Increasing Sales & Marketing’s Relevance - Kristina Jaramillo who is responsible for reversing “no” and “later” positions with enterprises like UPS will review select audience member’s websites, profiles, social media presence, content and email communications. She will share where there are growth opportunities to differentiate and speak directly to target accounts.
  • Improving Your Selling Conversation - Patrick Downs (Sales Enablement at PandaDoc), Eric Gruber, Roger Sanford and a team of sales leaders will provide 3 to 4 lucky participants “live” feedback on their sales pitch or demo.
  • Integrating Videos into Your Sales & Marketing Process - Tyler Lessard (VP of Marketing at Vidyard) will review the sales and marketing processes and conversations for 5 participants and show how they can be using video to connect with prospects and customers.
  • Gaining Prospect Compliance Momentum - Diane Mitchell (SVP of Sales and Marketing at RGL Logistics) will share a case study on how her team created $2M wins with accounts that were unresponsive for 5+ years. She’ll also show how she was able to protect her company’s P&G account from being taken by a larger, national player. Then, she’ll advise up to 3 sales teams on the sales communication and process changes that can have buyers pulling sales no matter the economy.
  • Aligning Sales, Marketing & Product Teams for Future Growth - Mark Shapiro, will share how clients had internal pandemics, the disruptions it created and the alignment shifts they made to create stronger growth. By seeing how companies made necessary changes at a time of crisis, you will uncover opportunities to create alignment while sales and marketing growth is slow. Mark will also lead the audience through exercises that will show where misalignments exist so you’ll know where to focus your time and resources.
  • Removing Costs From Your Revenue Generation - Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs, will audit the digital advertising and marketing efforts of up to 5 participants - and pinpoint where there’s waste. When there’s a slower economy, you want to make sure that every dollar is working for you.
  • Selling on Amazon & Walmart - Wagner, Author of WentWorthCastle, writes on ecommerce sales & strategy. After C-19, if you struggle to increase your sales on Amazon & Walmart, you need to check Brian guides on Helium 10 and Jungle Scout which can help you target the right products. Helium 10 offering 50% Coupon on Annual Plans for the people who register for the Sales Drop Virtual Summit.
[Virtual Summit]

5 days

  • 30+ Speakers
  • 5+ Interactive Experiences
  • Panel Discussions
  • Conversations
  • Peer to Peer Groups
  • Post-Event Strategic Planning
[Summit Registration]
Here’s a Review of Everything You Will Receive When You Register for the Stop the Sales Drop Virtual Summit June 1 - June 5, 2020:
  • 30+ speakers that are all focused on giving actionable insights to help you make business, sales and marketing shifts for future growth. No fluff! No sales pitches!
  • 5+ interactive experiences
  • Panel discussions where you’ll learn about the changes that other sales and marketing organizations are making.
  • Conversations with the experts where you’ll listen to 1-on-1 interviews and then join the discussion.
  • Peer-to-Peer Groups and networking opportunities as we’ll match you with others in similar positions and industries.
  • Post-Event Strategic Planning where you will gain opportunities to meet with select guest experts 1-on-1 after the event to create your customized execution plan for the key ideas and concepts that you want to take quick action on.

And it’s only $297 with a Money-Back Guarantee…

If you do not gain value from the speakers on the 1st day of the summit - and you do not wish to continue, simply email us and we will give you a complete refund.

Click the button below to register and don’t forget to enter a coupon code if you have one where you can save up to $100.

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