Navigating the New State of Social Selling –
Virtual LinkedIn Training August 18 – 20

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Live & On-Demand LinkedIn Training to Support Leadership, Sales and Marketing Teams That Are Challenged with Sales Drops 

This event is not for you if you want basic LinkedIn tips or if you want tactical information on how to use the platform. We are bringing together 30+ guest experts to support leadership, sales, and marketing teams that need to create strategic “digital” shifts and processes that drive stronger pipelines.

As more than 86% of social profiles, content and messaging are off-target and irrelevant, you’ll learn how to avoid “social interactions” that result in unresponsiveness. You’ll see how to use LinkedIn, social content and social selling to build “personal value-based relationships.” This will lead to stronger customer acquisition and account expansion when companies are ready to start investing again.


3 Days, 6 Modules, 20+ Fireside Chats and Panel Discussions That Are 100% Power-Point Free

Module 1: Your Digital Sales and Marketing Mindset

A week before the virtual event begins, we will hold a “live and on-demand” video training that will identify the misconceptions that keep sales and marketing teams from creating stronger pipelines and revenue using LinkedIn.

Module 2: Building a Strong LinkedIn Strategy Foundation

Learn that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not a strategy, what you should be doing to setup your teams up for success and how you can go to market by applying “Challenger” and integrating video.

Module 3: Personal Branding for Stronger H2H Relationships

Learn advanced profile makeover techniques and hear from sales and marketing leaders that are driving 10X more LinkedIn engagement with their personal branding.

Module 4: Content That Supports Social Selling Cycles

Learn how you can go beyond “top-of-funnel” LinkedIn brand awareness and create content that extends your personal brand, supports the buyer’s journey and influences revenue generation.

Module 5: C-Suite Community Building

Learn how you can build a LinkedIn community of C-suite buyers that are fully engaged vs. just getting a following that adds no value to group owners or members.

Module 6: LinkedIn Marketing and Social Selling That Leads to Revenue

Learn how you can effectively use data and mix LinkedIn advertising, a personal account-based marketing approach and value social selling to move connections toward revenue.

Learn from Our Collaborative Intelligence on How Your Teams Can Better Leverage LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

Kristina Jaramillo

Personal ABM President & LinkedIn Marketing Expert

Eric Gruber

CEO of Personal ABM and Stop the Sales Drop

Pamela Ann Lapeyrolerie

Digital Marketing Practice Leader at IBM

Marcus Sheridan

Partner at Impact & Top 20 Forbes Recognized Speaker

Christina Brady

President at Sales Assembly & Expert at Scaling Social Selling for Success

Spencer Wixom

Senior Vice President of Marketing at Challenger

Meredith May

Director of Brand and Media at Crunchbase

Darryl Praill

Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft

Lori Harmon

VP of Global Sales at NetApp & Member of Sales Navigator Customer Advisory Board

Matt Heinz

President of Heinz Marketing & Author of Predictable Pipeline

Pam Didner

Founder of Relentless Pursuit & Former Intel Marketing Leader

Patrick Downs

Sales Enablement at PandaDoc

LinkedIn Training Agenda: Mark Your Calendars for the Sessions You Want to See Live

Please note: If the session has (*) next to it – that session is free to see!

Day 1 (August 18th)
Day 2 (August 19th)
Day 3 (August 20th)
Day 1 (August 18th)
  • 10:30 am EST to 11 am EST: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is Not a Strategy with Eric Gruber, Josie Marshburn, and Kristina Jaramillo *
  • 11 am EST to 11:45 am EST: Setting up Sales & Marketing for Success on LinkedIn – A panel discussion with Fred Diamond, Kristina Jaramillo, Pamela Ann Lapeyrolerie, Christina Brady and Casey Hall *
  • Noon EST to 12:45 pm EST: Going to Market on Social – An End-to-End Process Readiness Framework Fireside Chat with Lori Harmon, Darryl Praill, Matthew Langie, and Eric Gruber
  • 1 pm EST to 1:45 pm EST: Social Challenger Sales and Marketing Fireside Chat with Spencer Wixom and Eric Gruber
  • 2 pm EST to 2:45 pm EST: Applying Challenger to Social Panel with Jennifer Allen, Eric Scarsella and Malina Jacobowitz
  • 3 pm EST to 3:30 pm EST: Mixing LinkedIn with Virtual Events – A fireside chat with Kristina Jaramillo and Beth Granger
  • 4 pm EST to 4:45 pm EST: Integrating Video with LinkedIn Panel with Tyler Lessard and Devin Reed *
Day 2 (August 19th)
  • 10 am EST to 10:45 am EST: Telling Your Story on LinkedIn Panel - Marcus Sheridan (Partner at Impact & Top 20 Forbes Recognized Speaker) and Mark Metry (Host of Humans 2.0 Podcast & Amazon Prime’s TV Show – The Social Movement) *
  • 11 am EST to 11:30 am EST: How Sales Teams Can Extend Their Personal Brand & Build Digital Relationships with Content – A fireside chat with Brandon Lee *
  • 11:30 am EST to 11:45 am EST: A FunnelAmplified Demo
  • Noon EST to 12:45 pm EST: Changing the Social Content Game Panel with Eric Gruber, Matt Heinz, Pam Didner, Zontee Hou, Melissa McCready *
  • 1 pm EST to 1:45 pm EST: Integrating LinkedIn with PR and Sales - A fireside chat with Scott Baradell
  • 2 pm EST to 2:45 pm EST: LinkedIn Profile Building – A fireside chat with Kristina Jaramillo and Joshua Lee on how leadership, sales and marketing teams can demonstrate their unique value to target accounts. *
  • 3 pm EST to 3:45 pm EST: Redefining Your Value: A Personal Branding Panel with Neal Schaffer, Richard Bliss, Pamela Ann Lapeyrolerie, Curt Mercadante, and Kristina Jaramillo
  • 4 pm EST to 4:45 pm EST: Personal Branding in Action Panel with Mark Zawacki, John Moore, and Patrick Downs
  • 5 pm EST to 5:45 pm EST: Delivering Arm’s Length Commercial Insights Through Social Content Marketing – A fireside chat with Pat Spenner (co-author of The Challenger Customer)
Day 3 (August 20th)
  • 10 am EST to 10:45 am EST: LinkedIn ABM in Action with Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber *
  • 11 am EST to 11:45 am EST: Full-Funnel LinkedIn Marketing – A fireside chat with AJ Wilcox and Kristina Jaramillo on mixing LinkedIn advertising with organic LinkedIn marketing outreach. *
  • Noon EST to 12:45 pm EST: Value Social Selling Panel with Christina Brady, Kristina Jaramillo, Jennifer Hines, and Bob Perkins *
  • 1 pm EST to 1:45 pm EST: Building an Engaged C-Suite Social Community Panel with James Harris, Krissy Buck, and Travis King
  • 2 pm EST to 2:45 pm EST: Data-driven LinkedIn Prospecting and Nurturing - A panel discussion with Meredith May, Gene Teare, and Matthew Langie
  • 3 pm EST to 3:45 pm EST: Same-Side LinkedIn Selling – A fireside chat with Ian Altman on replacing the adversarial trap with a collaborative, cooperative social selling mindset.
  • 4 pm EST to 4:45 pm EST: Evolving ABM for Social panel with Lisa Dennis, Darryl Praill, Brandon Redlinger, Sangram Vajre, and Eric Gruber
  • 5 pm EST to 5:45 pm EST: Engaging in Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn - A fireside chat with Neal Schaffer

You Can Even Get Your Team’s Profiles Reviewed Plus See a Profile Makeover in Action With a Post-Training Workshop on Friday, August 21, 2021

LinkedIn expert Kristina Jaramillo (who’s featured in LinkedIn’s Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide) is hosting an interactive, post-event ½ day LinkedIn profile and social content makeover workshop. When you register for the “Accelerated Business Stimulus Package”, you will:

  • See “live” on video your growth opportunities as we pinpoint where and how you can tell your personal business story, increase your relevance, prove your thought leadership and drive more selling conversations with your LinkedIn profile and the social content you’re sharing.
  • See the internal and external conversations you should have as you create your LinkedIn profile and how to craft your personal branding story and strategy.
  • See profile makeovers in action as Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber changes the profile copy in real-time for both the CEO and CMO of Primary Care 2 You so the startup can drive relationships with investors, potential partners, and major insurance companies.
  • Participate in exercises that will lay the groundwork for a LinkedIn profile that drives business results.

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August 21 - Profile Makeover Workshop

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Get your social content reviewed on video

See a live profile makeover in action

Access to the Stop the Sales Drop June 2020 virtual summit - 40+ sessions

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