Here Are the LinkedIn Strategy Sessions That You Will Find in the On-Demand Training

  • Setting Up Sales & Marketing for Success on LinkedIn - During this panel, Fred Diamond - President of the Institute for Excellence in Sales, ‘Pamela Ann Lapeyrolerie - Digital Marketing Practice Leader at IBM, Christina Brady - President of Sales Assembly and Casey Hall - Founder at Lumberjack Social will discuss how sales and marketing organizations are stuck in a tactical prism when it comes to social. You will learn how LinkedIn Sales Navigator is only a tool and not a strategy and what we should be giving teams to have more success on LinkedIn. You will also discover the key metrics that sales and marketing organizations should be looking at, how social communications should shift to match where buyers are now, whose role it is to help teams create their personal brand and how organizations can create top-to-bottom engagement within leadership, sales, marketing and customer success teams.


  • Going to Market on Social - An End-to-End Process Readiness - Lori Harmon (Vice President, Global Cloud Sales & Customer Success at NetApp), Darryl Praill (CRO at VanillaSoft), Matthew Langie (Former CMO at Xant.AI) and Eric Gruber will discuss how to quickly grow revenue engines and go-to-market with scalable social selling operations. They will be sharing end-to-end process alignment strategies that will enable sales, marketing, and account management teams to win, protect, and expand accounts using LinkedIn. Listen to this session to see what sales, marketing, and account management teams need to think about before they even go-to-market on LinkedIn. See how going-to-market on LinkedIn is different from other platforms. Find out NetApp shifted inside sales to become a digital sales response team that is focused on buyers who are going through digital channels and for some reason became stuck. Learn about the role that LinkedIn played and how this helped with NetApp’s GTM efforts. Lastly, find out the challenges VanillaSoft’s sales team had when it came to driving digital relationships - and how they overcame it.
  • Social Challenger Sales and Marketing Fireside Chat  - Spencer Wixom (SVP of Marketing and Business Development at Challenger) and Eric Gruber (who applied Challenger concepts before the books on it were published) will discuss how sales and marketing teams are failing to tailor for relevance, teach for differentiation and show gaps & personal impacts on LinkedIn. As top sales and marketing leaders are applying the Challenger methodology in email and live conversations they will show the strategic shifts that will help you become a Challenger social marketers and seller.


  • Applying Challenger to Social Panel - Once you have an understanding of the role that Challenger can play in social media marketing and social selling, the Challenger team including Jennifer Allen (Senior Director of Sales ), Eric Scarsella (Senior Director, Sales Development and BDx), Malina Jacobowitz (Director of Digital Marketing) will show how the Challenger approach can be applied to a LinkedIn marketing and sales strategy.


  • Mixing LinkedIn with Live & Virtual Events - During this fireside chat, Beth Granger from Intrepid Social and Kristina Jaramillo will share how you can mix LinkedIn with your webinar, virtual summits, and other virtual events to help turn leads into revenue. Kristina will also share the framework she used on LinkedIn to drive strategic partnerships that go well beyond our summits and virtual trainings.


  • Integrating Video with LinkedIn Panel - One of the most popular sessions in our last summit was one that focused on integrating video into your sales and marketing process which featured Tyler Lessard from Vidyard. We have asked Tyler to come back and be part of a panel that also includes Devin Reed from Gong on how we should video and LinkedIn Live to drive greater engagement.
  • Integrating LinkedIn with PR and Sales - During this fireside chat, Scott Baradell (CEO of Idea Grove - a top tech PR firm in Texas that was ranked 3X as an Inc. 5000 company) will discuss “social trust signals” and how PR should be integrated to drive credible relationships based on trust so prospects go beyond the LinkedIn connection. It’s this trust that will help sales drive conversations off LinkedIn.

Here Are the Personal Branding & Social Content Sessions

For the On-Demand Training

    • Telling Your Story on LinkedIn - Mark Metry (Host of Humans 2.0 Podcast & Amazon Prime’s TV Show: Social Movement), Marcus Sheridan Partner at Impact & Top 20 Forbes Recognized Speaker, and Kristina Jaramillo completed a fireside chat on how you should be authentic, transparent and honest on social. They’ll share how you can tell your story on your LinkedIn profile, through your content on the publishing platform and through the discussions you start in groups. Watch this session to see how you can begin expressing your true self and share your voice on LinkedIn and how you can make and emotional connection with prospects, influencers and other stakeholders.

    • Changing the Social Content Game Panel - Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing), Pam Didner (Founder of Relentless Pursuit & Former Intel Marketing Leader), Melissa McCready (President at Growth Ops Community), Zontee Hou (President of Media Volery) and Eric Gruber will show how most content on LinkedIn is irrelevant and is just adding to the noise. Watch this panel session to find out why your social content is not having any impact to the pipeline or revenue. Learn how you can go beyond attracting the lower hanging fruit that is already open to buying and see how you can create demand and a buying vision with the status quo. See how you can create a stronger sense of urgency with your social content to move those that are poised.

    • LinkedIn Profile Building - During this fireside chat, Kristina Jaramillo (who has given profile makeover to 100s of leadership, sales and marketing teams within professional service, tech, and supply chain firms) and Joshua Lee (CEO of Stand Out Authority) will share how your profile is irrelevant to prospects and customers. You will see how your profile should speak to the exact accounts you want to win, protect and expand and the profile elements that will help you better relate to your prospects, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. You will uncover how to use your summary to demonstrate your understanding of the buyer’s specific business issues, re-frame your targeted audience’s thoughts and ideas, and help buyers think differently about their gaps and the impacts. Lastly, you will learn how you can tell your story and use the experience section (that is often used as a resume) to tell relevant customer stories.

    • Redefining Your Value: A Personal Branding Panel - Neal Schaffer (Social Media Keynote Speaker & Author of the Age of Influence), Richard Bliss (Owner of BlissPoint Consulting & Former Social Media Executive at NetApp), Curt Mercadante (Principal at Merc Enterprises), and Pamela Ann Lapeyrolerie (making a 2nd appearance) will discuss how leadership, sales, and marketing teams need to better understand and redefine the perceived value they bring to their clients. You will see how you can better articulate on LinkedIn your purpose and value to your clients through your professional, personal brand on LinkedIn, written conversations, and your social interactions. You will learn how to use your written voice to communicate and compel prospective clients to seek you out to address their business needs.

    • Personal Branding in Action Panel - John Moore (VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan) and Patrick Downs (Sales Enablement at PandaDoc) will show exactly how they are building their own brands on LinkedIn and driving 10X more engagement than the posts that marketing typically pushes sales to post. You will see how they are building a community around their personal brand where prospects and influencers want to hear more from them.


    • Delivering Arm’s Length Commercial Insights Through Social Content Marketing – During this fireside chat, Pat Spenner (co-author of The Challenger Customer) will share how sales and marketing can break free of all the noise that is found in the LinkedIn newsfeed and in LinkedIn groups. You will see how you could add commercial insights that lead prospects back to only you after they read your content. This is important because most content only delivers education and it does not show why the solution should not be implemented by an internal team or by a competing firm.

    Here Are the Community Building & LinkedIn Marketing Sessions for the On-Demand Training

    • Full-Funnel LinkedIn Marketing - First AJ Wilcox (Founder of B2Linked and Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast) will share the secrets behind advertising on LinkedIn and driving more leads into your funnel. Then AJ and Eric Gruber will have fireside chat on how to integrate LinkedIn advertising with organic LinkedIn outreach to reduce funnel fall off with “A” target accounts.
    • Value Social Selling Panel - Jennifer Hines (CEO of Accelerated Sales), Bob Perkins (Founder & Chairman of AA-ISP), Christina Brady (making a 2nd appearance), and Kristina Jaramillo will discuss a prospect-centric approach to social prospecting and nurturing so buyers see the value they will receive by doing business with you. You will learn how you can go beyond just “showing up” and getting awareness on LinkedIn and how you can create real engagement that leads to conversations. Plus, you will see why the numbers game that sales and marketing are playing on LinkedIn is actually hurting sales productivity and marketing’s influence over revenue.


    • Building an Engaged C-Suite Social Community Panel - As most LinkedIn groups and social communities provide no value to group members or group owners, James Harris (CEO of Seraph Science), Krissy Buck (Founder at the Digital Neighborhood & Former Chief Community Officer at QuicCC) and Travis King (Founder of the Community Builder Group) will share how you can build a community of engaged C-suite decision-makers and influencers versus just a following.


    • Data-driven LinkedIn Prospecting and Nurturing - James Gilbert (Head of Marketing at CRMNEXT), Matthew Langie (making a 2nd appearance), and Eric Gruber share how you can use data and behavioral insights to increase your relevance on social with accounts you want to win. You will learn how you can use this data to create content and connection messaging that will speak to prospects and where they are in the buying cycle right now.
    • Same-Side LinkedIn Selling – This fireside chat between Kristina Jaramillo and Ian Altman (Founder Same Side Selling Academy) will focus on replacing the adversarial trap that can lead to ignored connection requests, no responses to your nurturing communications and social backlash. You will see how you can lead with a collaborative, cooperative social selling approach.


    • Evolving ABM for Social Panel - Darryl Praill (making a 2nd appearance), Sangram Vajre (Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder at Terminus), James Gilbert (making a 2nd appearance), Brandon Redlinger (Director of Demand Gen at Demandbase), and Eric Gruber will discuss the state of ABM for sales and marketing today, where the gaps lie and how it needs to evolve. They will then discuss how ABM should be applied to social as most companies think they are doing ABM when they create a list of accounts and connections from Sales Navigator and create a campaigned approach. You will see the steps sales and marketing teams should be taking with their LinkedIn ABM approach and how they can integrate LinkedIn with other channels to have a multi-channel, multi-touch ABM program.
    • Engaging in Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn - Neal Schaffer makes a 2nd appearance to have a fireside chat with Kristina Jaramillo to help sales and marketing teams understand the influencer landscape and how you can engage with them on LinkedIn. You’ll learn how you can identify, create and manage b2b influencer relationships and measure your influencer marketing ROI. Lastly, they will cover how every b2b business, sales and marketing leader should become influencers themselves.

    Optional On-Demand Profile Makeover Workshop 

    • LinkedIn Profile Reviews - LinkedIn Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber will review as many profiles as possible live on video and provide real-time feedback on where opportunities exist to increase your relevance, demonstrate your thought leadership, prove your unique value and reframe prospects thoughts and ideas.
    • Social Content Review - In addition to getting your profile reviewed, Eric and Kristina, will also review the social content you are publishing on the LinkedIn platform and the content you are sharing in the newsfeed and in LinkedIn groups. You will see why you are only generating awareness versus sales conversations and revenue.
    • Two Live LinkedIn Profile Makeovers - You will see how Eric and Kristina recreate the profiles for the CEO and the CMO of the healthcare start-up PrimaryCare2You. You will see the internal conversations that need to happen and how the profiles are designed to attract specific investors and partners that can drive more business. You will also see how they can reframe the minds of insurance companies that will think of the start-up as a competitor.
    • Profile Strategy Development - Go through excercises that will help you hone in on your unique value, your story, and the target accounts you want to win, protect and expand. Once you have a strategy in place, you can create your prospect/customer-centric profile with the attention of driving business objectives.

    Here Are Some of the Bonus Master Classes…

    • How to Use Intent Data and Artificial Intelligence for More Effective Social Selling with Alexander Low - El Jefe (The Boss) at Beyond Sales
    • ABM Master class with Brian Finnerty (VP of Growth Marketing at Demandbase)
    • Social Selling Master class with Nancy Nardin (Founder at Smart Selling Tools)
    • Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn Master Class with Liz Wendling (Sales Coach & Business Consultant)
    • More to come…We are in active conversations now to get these scheduled. We are looking to have at least one master class a week for 4 weeks.