New Ongoing Series: Reboot + Rebound Fridays

Now, Friday’s Are For Rebooting Your Pipeline, Sales and Revenue

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This Once-a-Week Live & On-Demand Training Is Designed to Help Leadership, Sales and Marketing Teams Reboot and Rebound.

It’s inevitable that you will see sales and revenue drops – whether it’s because of C-19 or other internal and external factors. How you react to sales drops, reboot and respond will determine if you have an “L”, “U” or a “V” shaped rebound.

Because “stopping the sales drop” is not a “one-time” thing, we are bringing together CEOs, CMOs, CROs, VPs and subject matter experts EVERY FRIDAY (excluding holidays) to discuss “what’s working”, “what’s not working” and the “impact of their sales and marketing shifts.” You’ll be armed with strategies and actionable insights to help you build a fully integrated sales, marketing and enablement organization that delivers continuous revenue improvement. And, you’ll walk away each week with new approaches to advance your goals.

As we take a “strategic angle” our “Reboot Friday” event is for:

  • CEOs
  • CMOs
  • CROs
  • Chief Sales Officers
  • VPs of Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Enablement Leaders
  • Revenue and Sales Operations
  • ABM Professionals
  • Senior Sales, Marketing and Business Development Teams
  • Sales and Marketing Agencies Serving B2B Clients

Here Are Some of the “Reboot” Conversations You Can Join…

Learn from the CROs of G2 & VanillaSoft on how they are setting up their teams to drive revenue growth with new & existing accounts in a world that is changing fast.

See how PandaDoc is changing selling conversations to realign with buyers & learn about the communication shifts that will help sales teams build deeper, stronger relationships that move businesses forward.

Discover how some organizations eliminated content sprawl, inconsistent messaging & fractured relationships by rethinking their content production in a way that better supports sellers and business outcomes.

Fix your pipeline and learn from Heinz Marketing & Mezzanine B2B Growth Agents on how SaaS, technology and manufacturers can add more predictability at a time when nothing seems to be certain.

Uncover a framework and playbook to help your sales and marketing team connect the dots between all of the intent data they have at their fingertips & leverage it in a way that drives selling conversations.

Learn from IBM and other global firms on how they are increasing sales and marketing’s relevance & winning on social while 44% of organizations reported to LinkedIn that they are seeing significant declines in responsiveness.

Here’s What You Will Learn in Our Upcoming Friday Sessions:

April 30, 2021 – Rebooting the Revenue Growth Engine Part 1

John Kosturos (Chief Revenue and Product Officer for RingLead), Kristina Jaramillo (CEO of Personal ABM) and Kyle Lacy (CMO of Lessonly) will share how you can reboot your revenue growth engine to win, protect and expand more tier 1 accounts. You’ll learn how Lessonly created 20X revenue growth with 70% of the revenue being sourced by marketing plus…

  Why sales does not need more leads if you have a revenue growth engine in place — and how the engine should support top, middle and bottom of the funnel. You’ll see the role that ABM and intent data should play in the revenue growth engine.

  How sales and marketing can win with status quo unresponsive accounts and drive re-engagement with those accounts that showed intent but stopped interacting.

  Where misalignments are occurring between sales, marketing, account management/customer success teams and clients — and how it’s limiting revenue growth.

 Frameworks that will have your teams focus targeting on the right accounts. drive greater relevancy and engagement, align sales and marketing to improve CX and make all teams accountable for revenue growth. See how you should restructure your sales and marketing team and why outbound sales development (BDR and SDR) teams should be under marketing.

May 14, 2021 – Rebooting the Revenue Growth Engine Part 2

Gruber Sargeant Martin

For this panel, we are bringing together Personal ABM CEO Eric Gruber, Melissa Sargeant (CMO at Litmus) and Brian Martin (SVP of Customer Development) to discuss how we should reboot sales, marketing and revenue functions and how the teams should GTM together.

You will learn:

  How Litmus moved from a tactical MQL-driven organization to a pipeline and revenue-driven, outcome-based organization where marketing and sales is contributing and accountable for growth. (80% of revenue is marketing sourced!)

  The frameworks and approach that transformed sales, marketing and revenue functions in just 9 months. 

  How Litmus built their revenue growth engine to go up-market and how sales, marketing and account teams are orchestrating to win, protect and expand key enterprise accounts.

 Why most companies just have a lead engine and not a revenue engine. You’ll see what’s missing from your sales and marketing program. 

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