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Rebooting the Sales Demo - A Conversation with Ed Jaffe

Whether you call it a demo, a virtual tour, or any other fancy wording to get prospects to schedule time with you - we find that most demos do not lead to a positive business decision. With this conversation with Ed Jaffe from “Demos Win Deals” and Eric Gruber from Personal ABM you will learn:

1. The steps that sales should take before a demo is initiated (even if the prospect is asking for the demo!)

2. How your demos should vary based on who you’re presenting to.

3. What you should be including in your demos to win with the C-suite.

4. How the traditional feature/benefit demo that lacks personal relevance and does not teach for differentiation leads to RFPs and lower-margin deals. You’ll see how you should be applying the “Challenger” approach to your demos to reframe the prospects’ thoughts and to create a buying vision.

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