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Rebooting Digital Selling with Steve Watt from Seismic

In this podcast, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) and Steve Watt (Marketing Director at Seismic) provide you with a sneak preview of the content and value that will be delivered during an upcoming Reboot Friday panel that is focused on changed the digital selling and marketing game. You will hear a debate on whether LinkedIn should be leveraged more as an “inbound” or an outbound tool and learn how you should be a hunter that is armed with a magnet on the platform.

Listen to this podcast to learn how:

1. Profiles, content, and messaging should speak to account-specific gaps and impacts and how your business-relevant origin story and the customer stories you tell should speak directly to those prospects.

2. You should be personally branding yourself on LinkedIn, so you become magnetic.

3. You should enter social conversations - whether it’s joining an existing LinkedIn discussion, starting one on your own, or nurturing a prospect.

4. You should enter your prospects’ worlds and educate them on what they haven’t considered where you are now a challenger vs. a social buddy that pushes out value props.

5. You should be delivering value and engaging with the C-suite so they will want to engage on and off social.

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