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Social Challenger Sales and Marketing Fireside Chat with Spencer Wixom and Eric Gruber

After C-19, there was a big thirst for new ideas to help teams overcome the challenges that was created by the pandemic. But, there wasn’t a hunger to take action on those ideas or to invest. In this fireside chat, Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) discussed with Spencer Wixom (SVP of Marketing at Challenger Inc) how we can go from “social buddies” to “challenger sales and marketing leaders” that motivates prospects to take action and solidify their business. When you watch the video above, you will learn:

  • Why Challenger works in both the traditional and digital environment
  • How you will move further, faster by being interested in others on social rather than getting them interested in you and why sales and marketing teams need to stop pushing out value props.
  • How you should be leading to your differentiators on LinkedIn rather than leading with your differentiators
  • Why we need to go beyond thought leadership on LinkedIn and how we can break down the status quo by tailoring for relevance, teaching for differentiation and creating an uncomfortable tension by focusing on account-specific gaps and impacts.

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