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Rebooting Digital Sales & Marketing

Within this Reboot Friday panel discussion, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM), Steve Watt (Marketing Director at Seismic and former VP of Marketing at Grapevine6 which was acquired by Seismic), Kyle Alansky (CMO at Higher Logic), and Kirsten Boileau (VP of Global Digital Transformation Enablement) discuss the shifts they are making to drive business growth in 2021. Then they tackle whether LinkedIn inbound or outbound is stronger, how we should be personally branding sales, marketing, and leadership teams and how we can use social to drive customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.  You’ll also learn how firms used LinkedIn to drive $2M wins with accounts that were previously unresponsive for 5+ years and how a service provider was able to protect their P&G account after being told that the business would shift to a larger, national competitor.

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