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Evolving Sales and Marketing Messaging, Content and Conversations for Greater Market Access

When LinkedIn came out with its report in 2020 that showed that 44% of organizations are facing significant declines in responsiveness, we at Personal ABM mentioned that it was not pandemic related. COVID may have exacerbated the situation but it’s because we need a new way to market and sell to prospects. Recent studies from Challenger, support the claims that Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber made last year. Despite many companies rebounding in 2021 and despite sales and marketing teams increasing their prospecting by more than 5%, more than 50% of respondents mentioned that the biggest barrier to getting deals done is getting prospects to respond.

On this podcast, Tom Pisello (Chief Evangelist at Mediafly) and host of the Sales Evolved Podcast and Eric Gruber (Personal ABM CEO) discuss:

1) How we need to be much more relevant and important to a much fewer set of people than this mass industrial-scale attitude we have today where it’s about as much outreach, activity, and opportunities as possible.

2)  How we need to improve messaging, develop new content to present it, and engage with a broader group of customer stakeholders to share it if we want to get greater market access.

3) How marketing can shift content and carry the internal conversation for sales. You must remember that only 5% of the decision-making journey takes place with the seller in the room – and in the room with the seller is a small subset of the buying committee.

4) How you need to build your storytelling and integrate it with your content and messaging to answer the questions “why change”, “why now” and “why you.”

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