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Rebooting the Stories That Sales and Marketing Are Telling

Carrie Kelly (CMO)  led marketing programs at some insanely innovative places. Cisco, Ericsson, Nortel, CA Technologies, and now CriticalStart, a high-growth, Cybersecurity company that challenges the status quo across the managed detection and response market. Throughout her career, Carrie built global marketing campaigns and demand generation programs that have yielded millions in revenue. She kept customer acquisition costs low and steady, and growth objectives high. And yet, despite constantly being surrounded by technology, Carrie never forgot that we’re all just people trying to connect with other people. And the best way to do that is through a story that’s authentic, compelling, and above all, meaningful.

On this podcast, Carrie and Personal ABM CEO Eric Gruber  discuss:

1. What’s wrong with the stories that sales and marketing are telling – and how we are speaking “at” accounts and “at” people vs. “with” accounts and people.

2. How there’s more to the buying decision than “how will this solution help my company” — there’s a personal reason behind every decision that we as sellers and marketers need to connect to.

3.  Why prospects do not see themselves in the stories that sales and marketing are telling?

4. How we are losing the “selling conversations” in our buyers’ minds and how we should be using stories to challenge the status quo.

5. How you need stories for each part of the customer journey, including after the close as we work to retain and expand key accounts.

6. How we should be teaching for differentiation through our stories, content, and messaging.

7. What are the stories and content we should be using in the middle and bottom of the journey where accounts are stuck — and what are the stories and content we should be using to drive adoption, retention, and expansion.

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