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Rebooting the “Challenger” Way Featuring Kristina Jaramillo, Spencer Wixom and Eric Gruber

During a recent Reboot Friday panel, Spencer Wixom (SVP of Sales and Marketing for Challenger), Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) and Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) shared the selling process and conversation shifts that will remove buying resistance created by C-19.

They discussed:

* The widening of sales performance and how recent analysis shows that the top 25% generate more than 2/3 of the revenue and how companies are more reliant on star performers, which is increasing risk and reducing profits as non-core performers are now chasing small bites. While core performers are continuing to see 27% faster sales cycles, 54% higher win rates and 2X deal sizes.

* The behavioral differences of the core performers and what’s the difference between their selling conversations and the others? Find out how marketing can increase their revenue by enabling non-core performers to have similar conversations.

* How sales, marketing and account teams should be integrating challenger into their process to accelerate accounts through the 4 customer journeys - 1) Where there is intent and engagement 2) Where there is intent but limited to zero engagement 3) Where you have to create the intent as the accounts are not yet in-market and they are stuck in status quo 4) Existing accounts that you want to retain or expand.

* How to apply “Challenger” to social and have the right conversation in the prospect’s mind.

This panel is for sales, marketing and customer success teams alike!

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