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How to Use Challenger to Sell and Market Your Way to a Revenue Rebound

At its core, Challenger is not about what you sell and market - it’s about how you sell and market and the buying experience that you deliver to key accounts.  It’s about leading with relevant insights and leading to your solution vs. the other way around which is often the default approach that sales and marketing takes.  On this podcast, Michael Randazzo, the host of “Winning the Challenger Way” joins Personal ABM President Kristina Jaramillo on the podcast to discuss:

  • How we need to complete 3-3-3 research and go beyond industry and persona relevance with our content, messaging, and social/email/live conversations.
  •  How we can make a stronger emotional connection, where prospects will see you as a partner vs. be another vendor trying to push to out product.
  • Why prospects should never have to ask sales “how are you different” and how sales and marketing should be teaching for differentiation.
  • Why only 14% of messaging is perceived by customers as unique and beneficial, how we are failing, and what we should be differentiating on.
  • What commercial insights are and how it’s not being added in content, messaging, and conversations.
  • Why you need to focus on “unconsidered” gaps and impacts and how we should be sparking, introducing and confronting.

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