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Kristina Jaramillo on the Winning the Challenger Sales Podcast

Within this episode of “Winning the Challenger Sale”,  John Shea and Michael Randazzo (the hosts), discuss the importance of showing up with credibility in your first sales interaction with a new client or prospect. Then, Jennifer Allen (Key Account Executive at Challenger) shares her experience demonstrating credibility with prospects on the first call, and the prep work you can do to make sure you’re prepared.

Kristina Jaramillo, Founder and President of Personal ABM also joined this episode to share how you can build credibility specifically through social selling techniques. You’ll learn:

  • How most sales and marketing leaders are irrelevant on LinkedIn
  • How you should tailor for relevance and teach for differentiation on social
  • What a Challenger LinkedIn profile looks like
  • How you should be engaging with the C-suite on LinkedIn as a Challenger social seller

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