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Using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to Win with Previously Unresponsive Whale Accounts

In a recent LinkedIn post, Ryan Staley (The Whale Boss) mentioned that we need to complete un-scalable things in order to scale. The cold, hard reality is that all the automation that we have worked so hard to put in place over the last several years does not work on the enterprise buyer that does not want to be treated like another number. Enterprise buyers want a greater focus on the interactions that sales and marketing are having with them.

In the podcast episode above, Kristina Jaramillo talks about how sales and marketing can increase their relevance and improve the interactions they are having with whale accounts. You’ll also learn about the personal account-based approaches that led to $2M wins with accounts that were previously unresponsive for 5+ years as sales and marketing did not give a relevant reason to change before.

After you listen to the podcast above, check out these additional account-based marketing (ABM) resources from Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber:

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