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Rebooting the Pipeline with Matt Heinz

Within this recent LinkedIn Live video interview, Matt Heinz spoke with Kristina Jaramillo from Stop the Sales Drop and Personal ABM. Matt provided a sneak preview into the information he’ll be sharing during our Rebooting the Pipeline panel that will also include Scott Vaughan from Integrate and Lisa Shepherd from Mezzanine Growth.

Watch this interview to learn:

1. Why many B2B firms were slow to recover from the sales drop that was created by C-19 and what changes can be made to minimize future pipeline disru[tions.

2. Why teams need to have both a short term funnel that focuses on the accounts that show intent and a long-term funnel for those you want to create a buying vision with.

3. What sales and marketing needs to change to drive conversations with those that are stuck in the status quo (60% of the market!)

4. How we need to evolve our demand gen programs if we want to create a more predictable pipeline.

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