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Rebooting the Complete Buying Experience - A Conversation with Joshua Fedie and Eric Gruber

According to a recent PwC study, 86% of B2B buyers would rather pay more for a better experience. Inside this recent webcast and podcast, Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) speaks with Joshua Fedie from Sales Outreach on how sales and marketing teams can increase the buyer experience especially the “in-between stages” and drive greater “digital” engagement with the human buyers:

  • How to bring the human element into your digital-first sales and marketing strategy.
  • How sales and marketing leaders are not making the “connection” with buyers on digital channels and why it’s leading to 44% of organizations experiencing a significant drop in responsiveness.
  • How sales and marketing need to go beyond “personalization” and just infusing our personalities into videos and messaging. You’ll see the element that’s missing in most social, email, and live selling conversations.
  • Where marketing messaging falls short - and how we’re missing stage-appropriate content that supports prospect and customer-facing teams after the qualifying stage. You’ll see how marketing needs to support the complete buyer’s journey.
  • How sales and marketing can drive a memorable experience for the “internal” conversations that they are not part of - and how you can create a buying consensus when sales is not in the room with decision-makers
  • How sales and marketing’s focus on “scaling” is hurting the buyer experience.

After you watch the webcast above, check out these additional resources to help you improve the buyer experience:


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