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Rebooting Sales Engagement and Outreach with Dustin Deno at ShowPad

Dustin Deno recently joined Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber for a fireside chat on video where he discussed the shifts his team made in sales outreach and sales engagement last year due to C-19. In addition to finding out what worked, what didn’t work and where the team remains challenged, you will also learn:

  • The critical strategies that ShowPad is using to make every sales experience matter?
  • How can we drive greater engagement with each social, email, and live interaction and create a better prospect experience?
  • How marketing at ShowPad helped to improve sales outreach and sales engagement? You will hear about the impact Marketing had on sales at ShowPad, and where he sees growth opportunities for marketing to play an even stronger role in influencing the sales experience?

Dustin is also a panelist on a “Sales Engagement and Outreach” panel. Click here to register for our Reboot Friday panel series.  

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