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Rebooting Sales Differentiation - A Conversation with Paul Butterfield at Instructure

Paul Butterfield, VP of  Global Revenue Enablement at Instructure and Host of the Stories from the Trenches podcast, joined Kristina Jaramillo for a discussion on rebooting the sales process and messaging to drive a rebound in win rates. Within this podcast, you will learn:

  • How sales teams are having undifferentiated social, email and live selling conversations and how they need to differentiate themselves by how they sell rather than price or product features.
  • How Instructure is starting to provide a differentiated selling experience - and what their “differentiating through experience” initiative will look like in 2021.,
  • How Paul shifted the sales process and selling conversations at NiceInContact to achieve 75% win rates
  • The changes you need to make within your organization to really become customer-centric - and what you need to shift in your sales process.
  • The role sales enablement and marketing teams should play in helping sales align with buyers.

Paul will be a panelist within an upcoming “Rebooting Win Rates” panel in our ongoing “Reboot Friday” series. If you liked the conversation with Paul, you’ll also like our Rebooting the Social, Email, and Live Conversation” panel with Kristina Jaramillo, Julie Thomas, Patrick Downs, and Andrew Sykes.

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