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How to Reboot Product Marketing – A Review of Product Marketing Predictions

Product marketing gained momentum during the pandemic. Now, these questions remain .. where do we go from here., how do we need to reboot the product marketing function and what does 2021 have in store.  During this podcast, Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) and Roger Beharry Lall (VP of Product Marketing and Head of Marketing for Traction Guest)  will discuss:

  • Product marketing predictions for 2021 as reported by the Product Marketing Alliance.
  • How product marketing should be viewed by the organization.
  • How to reboot your positioning as Axel Kirstetter (VP of Product Marketing at DataSite) believes that companies and PMMs will have to sharpen their positioning and messaging game with a realignment of value-to-market through adaptive positioning and ephemeral messaging.
  • How to break the paradigm in B2B marketing as Priya Doty (VP of Product Marketing at IBM) believes that 2021 is the year where marketing language evolves from the sea of the same terms, which are difficult to differentiate, to a more human, emotive, and fresher language. The information shared in this product marketing discussion will help you breakthrough and achieve higher engagement, more mindshare, and faster solution adoption.
  • How to redesign your growth Carrie Friedrich Narla (Principal Product Marketing Manager at Amazon) believes that product marketers have to stop viewing product launches and the GTM as the finish line.
  • How product marketing should focus on their “impact” on revenue as Robin Pam (GTM Lead at Stripe) believes that in 2021 product marketing will become more closely aligned with revenue generation and adopt metrics related to business outcomes.
  • Traction Guest’s journey to ABM, the steps that are moving the needle, and where growth opportunities lie.

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