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Rebooting Marketing Planning & Measurement

During a recent Reboot Friday panel, Julia Stead from Allocadia, Shawn Herring from PandaDoc, and Deanna Ransom from Televerde shared with Eric Gruber how they are increasing their influence over revenue and proving marketing’s value. They also talk about the shifts they made in their marketing planning to drive growth despite a pandemic. When you watch the discussion in the video above, you will learn about:

  • The disconnects found in marketing planning and why most marketing programs do not drive revenue growth nor make a business impact.
  • How the traditional marketing planning process needs to change and how we can be better equipped for the new era of marketing where we need to be agile and respond to changing conditions faster
  • How marketing needs to hit reset, build an operational foundation for revenue growth and earn a seat at the table where the focus is on EBITDA.
  • How marketing needs to partner with leadership, sales, and customer success teams during the planning process and execution if marketing is to be held accountable for revenue.
  • How marketing can meet business goals with fewer resources and do it in a constantly changing landscape.
  • The marketing planning shifts that Allocadia, Televerde, NI, and others making
  • How Televerde, Allocadia, and companies like Talend are measuring marketing performance during the pandemic.
  • The marketing KPIs that CMOs and Marketing VPs and Directors need to pay attention to if they want to go beyond awareness and leads and actually make a business impact.

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