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Rebooting How Sales & Marketing Use Intent Data

During this panel, Henry Schuck (CEO and Co-Founder of Nasdaq-listed ZoomInfo), David Crane (VP Marketing at Intentsify), and Ed LaPlante (SVP of Sales and Operations at Intentsify) talk to Personal ABM CEO Eric Gruber on how sales and marketing teams can go-to-market and hit their numbers using intent data.

Within the intent data discussions, you will learn:

  • How to leverage intent data and company intelligence to connect with and close decision-makers in your target market.
  •  How to make intent data actionable – the greatest challenge that sales and marketing teams using ZoomInfo, Bombora, 6sense, and other intent data platforms have. See how intent data should guide your prospecting, nurturing, and content strategies.
  •  How we should be rethinking how we collaborate on account-based strategies and how we activate intent data to win the right “in-market” accounts, protect “at risk” accounts, and expand the accounts with the greatest revenue growth potential.
  •  How to go beyond intent data to drive selling conversations and sales cycles with accounts that showed intent but have become unengaged, unresponsive, and untouchable.

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