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Rebooting How Sales & Marketing Teams Win, Retain & Expand Accounts – Featuring Dave Duke

Dave Duke (Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer at MetaCX & Host of the Revenue Revolutionaries Podcast) recently joined Eric Gruber (CEO of Personal ABM) on the Stop the Sales Drop podcast to discuss how we need to reboot the complete customer lifecycle to win, protect and expand key, tier 1 accounts.

Listen to this conversation to uncover:

1. What the typical prospect and customer experience is like, why it’s leading to inaction, a no-deal and customer churn — and what the experience can look like.

2. How sales and marketing do not have “new” customers in mind — and the outcomes they want to achieve. The key to greater revenue growth is to sell the outcome and renew and expand on proof.

3.  The correlation between accounts renewals/expansion — and how sales and marketing set the tone out of the gate.

4.  How we can align sales, success, and delivery teams around real business impact that the customer can see.

5. How you can keep VPs engaged after the deal is signed.

6. How and why the customer acquisition, retention and expansion conversations need to be differentiated.

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