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Open, Engage and Close Accounts with Account Based Marketing (ABM) - A DemandGen Summit Presentation

Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) was recently invited to present at the ChatFunnels virtual DemandGen Summit that focused on opening, engaging, and close accounts. Within her presentation, Kristina shared how most marketing organizations are only creating lead engines vs. revenue engines and why ITSMA recently reported that only 1/3 of organizations are seeing a significant business impact from ABM.

As you will see, when you watch the on-demand recording above, many marketing organizations have ABM figured out for those companies that show intent and are engaging, but what about the 60% of the market that’s stuck in the status quo and is just waiting for sales and marketing to give them a relevant business vision and a reason to change? What about those accounts that showed previously showed intent but stopped engaging because they do not see themselves in the stories that sales and marketing are telling? What about those accounts that are stuck in their buying journey as sales teams are unable to penetrate ranks and influence internal selling conversations to create a buying consensus.

Watch the video above to see how you can use ABM to open, engage and close accounts, then check out these additional ABM resources:




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