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Key Priorities That Will Keep Sales Moving Forward - Podcast with Fred Diamond

During this episode with Fred Diamond (President of the Institute for Excellence in Sales) talks about how we need to double down and focus on existing customers - and supporting their needs to slow down sales churn and to expand. In fact, many of the institute’s members are strengthening personal relationships and friendships with their customers and partners.

Fred also talks about:

1. The need to lead with empathy and what sales teams should be doing if they are feeling empathy fatigue.

2. The need to look for opportunities for growth such as looking at your LinkedIn profile and see if it tells your business relevant story, demonstrates your subject matter expertise and if it talks to your target accounts vs. speaking to everyone. (Side note: Our upcoming virtual LinkedIn training can help sales teams personally  brand themselves.)

3. How sales teams still need to sell - as they are the ones driving revenue for companies and will hopefully lead us to the next stage in the recovery. You’ll hear a conversation on how we should be guiding buyers in the process vs. pushing and pulling.

4. How sales teams can be a better presenter to the dot - and create the virtual experience that prospects expect and deserve as there are no live meetings and events.

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