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Humanizing Your Sales Process with Sales Rebellion’s Michelle Hecht

Within this Stop the Sales Drop podcast, Kristina Jaramillo interviews Sales Rebellion’s Michelle Hecht to humanize the sales process. Kristina was really excited about this interview because Personal ABM (Kristina’s sales and marketing execution firm) is all about humanizing sales and marketing and speaking to the human buyers within target accounts you want to win, protect and expand.

Within this podcast, you will learn:

1. The gaps in your sales process and in your team’s selling conversations

2. Opportunities to add more humanization to your sales process

3. How Michelle used emotional intelligence when she was at Pfizer, Merck, and other healthcare/pharma companies - and how this helped her understand her prospects’ behaviors so she can make the connection and influence them.

4. How emotional IQ and understanding behavior helped Michelle shape her sales process and sales conversation

5. Why the stories that sales and marketing are sharing is only building credibility - and not creating the connection or driving action.

Listen to the podcast and then sign up for our “Reboot Friday” series, where we will have a panel that’s focused on changing the sales conversation.

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