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Going to Market in a Buyer Hesitant Environment - An Interview with Darryl Praill

Darryl Praill (CRO at VanillaSoft and past guest expert in our on-demand LinkedIn training) recently spoke to Eric Gruber about the sales and marketing shifts VanillaSoft made to adapt to this new environment. This includes how they moved from being an inbound-centric organization to our outbound, account-based organization.

They also discussed:

  • How ABM is driving stronger margin growth
  • How sales and marketing are overcoming buyer resistance
  • How and where misalignments are occurring between sales, marketing, and customers

After listening to the podcast above, sign up for our virtual LinkedIn training, where Darryl participated in 2 different sessions. Also, register for our Reboot Friday Panel, where you’ll hear from Darryl and sales, marketing, and revenue leaders at G2, Bigtincan, Clari, Pandologic, and many others.

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