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Demand Gen + ABM Success Stories with Kristina Jaramillo and Lisa Shepherd

In this “Marketing Reboot LinkedIn Live” session Kristina Jaramillo and Lisa Shepherd share some of their customer success stories. You will see:

1) The “how” behind the demand gen and personal ABM approaches that were used – and “why” it worked.

2) How content messaging was designed for specific selling conversations with specific accounts. This is important as studies show that 86% of content and messaging has no commercial impact on buyers. This means that only 14% of content and messaging is communicated in such a way to suggest a valid reason for change.

3) How a shift in social, email, and live conversations led to a $2M win with an account that was unresponsive for 5+ years.

4) How demand gen and personal ABM is not just for customer acquisition. You’ll see how an IT firm changed the buying behavior of Sephora, which led to both revenue and margin growth.

You can join Kristina and Lisa on their weekly “LinkedIn Live” sessions by connecting with Kristina at:

We also invite you to join Lisa Shepherd and Matt Heinz in our upcoming “Reboot Friday” series where they will be discussing how to reboot your pipeline. Register at:



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