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Kristina Jaramillo Talks Account-Based Marketing on the Long Story, Short Podcast

When Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber first started their firm (Personal ABM), they took an account-based lead gen approach where they spoke “at” accounts on LinkedIn about the value our clients would deliver. They were playing a numbers game and their clients were losing revenue opportunities with accounts that could have brought the greatest revenue growth if only Eric and Kristina focused on a more personal, relevant interaction. During the Long Story Short podcast, Kristina discusses how and why Personal ABM  evolved to speak to the human buyers within target accounts to create a human bond. You’ll see how they go directly to key decision-makers and influencers with insights that are specific to their gaps and impacts and content that speaks to them specifically.

During the conversation,  Kristina made a strong statement that MQLs aren’t worth a dime - revenue is the only success metric. When you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear Jeff Sirkin and Sophia from Sirkin Research dig in to Kristina’s answer. They also discuss:

  • Why sales and marketing teams are challenged to move more tier 1 accounts toward revenue
  • What is missing in the interactions that sales and marketing teams are having with key accounts
  • Why we need to go beyond selling and marketing to “pain points”
  • How you can increase your personal relevance and advance the conversation with a key account or re-engaging one that is ghosting you.
  • How ABM can be used to create sales cycles with accounts that are not showing intent and are not responsive to sales and marketing communications.

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