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Integrating Video Into the Sales and Marketing Conversation with Tyler Lessard

In the above newly-released video from our Stop the Sales Virtual Summit that took place in June, Tyler Lessard shared how sales and marketing organizations can integrate video into their sales and marketing conversation. Watch Tyler Lessard’s presentation to learn:

  • How to market and sell the way your buyers want to interact, which in many cases is self-serve
  • How to deliver on greater expectations of immediacy for information and answers
  • How to earn trust in a digital-first buying journey
  • What Marketo is doing differently than most software and technology firms - and how they are using videos to measure intent and qualify
  • How Gordian gave prospects a new way to engage with their content and how they productized it to directly drive $6M in revenue
  • How Bigtincan is getting more responses to their emails by integrating videos

After you watch Tyler’s session within our previous summit, register for his panel on our Reboot Friday event.

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