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Value Social Selling with Julie Thomas

Within this Stop the Sales Drop podcast, Julie Thomas shows the keys to helping prospects and customers on LinkedIn “see”  their million-dollar headache and the challenge. You will learn:

1. How value selling is not touting your value selling proposition and how your VSP should only be your springboard to how you may provide value.

2. How most sales leaders are forcing their agenda on LinkedIn and how you can differentiate by entering the prospect’s world with data and insights that can help their business in a meaningful way now.

3. Frameworks that you can use to help you with value selling on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

4. How you can use value selling on LinkedIn to support prospects and customers with issues at hand so they buy when budgets become available.

Listen to this podcast so your sales and marketing team can stop failing at selling value on social. Then get our recent virtual LinkedIn training on-demand where we had a value social selling panel with Bob Perkins, Christina Brady, Jennifer Hines and Kristina Jaramillo.

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