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Prospecting with Intention - An Interview with Jeff Bajorek

Jeff Bajorek (Host of the Why and the Buy) joins Kristina Jaramillo to share a new way to prospect on LinkedIn, by email or by phone and how sales teams need to have more intention.

Within this Stop the Sales Drop Podcast, you will learn:

1. How success in sales, business and leadership is not about following a prescribed step-by-step process and how it’s about perspective. Find out what you need to pause to assess what success looks like and why it’s worthwhile to pursue.

2. Why before they prospect sales teams must answer: why customers buy from you, why do you do what you do and why it matters.

3. Why sales teams should limit their focus on the how and the what - and more on the “why.”

4. How you should be rethinking your sales process.

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