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Going Beyond Lead Gen - Interview with Christopher Engman on Cutting Marketing Spend Without Damaging the Business

Within this video, with Christopher Engman (CRO & CMO at Proof Analytics) you will see that there is an imbalance in marketing spend as most companies focus on lead gen. As companies look to cut spending during the crisis he discusses cutting the marketing programs that do not lead to short-term and long-term revenue growth and instead only give you MQLs and extra cost. You’ll see how marketing can support the whole funnel, and support sales with the right content and the right initiatives.

During our recent Stop the Sales Drop Virtual Summit, Chris Engman joined Eric Gruber, Daniel Englebretson and Joe Moriarty for a panel discussion on the content shifts that need to happen for marketing to increase their influence over revenue. Click here to join our community to get access to this session and 40+ others.

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