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Changing the Sales Game Panel - Julie Thomas, Richard Harris & Jeremey Donovan

A Predictable Pipeline in Times of Uncertainty with Matt Heinz

Changing the Sales and Marketing Conversation Context

Defining & Executing a Sales Enablement Strategy When No One is Buying

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Expert Showcase

Learn from 50+ top sales and marketing innovators including global agencies, leading venture capital firms and C-Level Executives in industries which are all seeing disruptions.

Innovation Labs

See the feedback and peer-to-peer support that sales and marketing leaders received on their social, email and live selling conversations. Plus, learn how videos can be integrated into your sales and marketing process.

Actual Conversations with the Experts

Rather than getting hours of canned presentations, you’ll see panel discussions, interviews and actual engagement with the audience as our community got answers to their questions - and potential solutions to their challenges.

Learn From Our Experts About the Opportunities the “Great Pause” Presents….

Our keynote speaker, Roger Sanford, exited his own boot-strapped startup Digital Agency, P3M, at $100 Million at the age of 44. As a Dean’s Professor, he taught eMBA’s at Santa Clara University and refined the methodology of “Geogrowth™” to help companies grow rapidly. As an investor/advisor to tech companies, he helped over 35 startups become global enterprises. Now, he made shifts in his personal and business life to co-found the non-profit HealthGrid Alliance, bringing solutions to market that will help with the war on C-19. During his session, Roger shared how this time is giving businesses a chance to re-boot and create an even stronger future.

Here’s a Sample of the On-Demand Sessions You Will Get From Our Recent 5-Day Summit

Informational Sessions
Conversations with the Experts
Panels & Innovation Labs
Informational Sessions
  • Avoiding Sales and Marketing Paralysis with Eric Gruber - the CEO of Personal ABM
  • Changing the Sales and Marketing Conversation Context with Ardath Albee – VP of Marketing at Modus
  • Pivots to Growth in the Era of C-19 with Lisa Shepherd (President of the Mezzanine Group)
  • Throwing Out the Sales Playbook with Joshua Desha (Director of Business Development for First Star HR)
  • Breaking Free of Boring B2B Marketing During C-19 with Lee Odden (CEO of Top Rank Marketing)
  • Evolving with the Market Environment and Customer Demands with Jennifer Askjaer (CEO of The Restaurant Collaborative)
  • Predictable Pipelines Even in Times of Extreme Uncertainty with Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing)
Conversations with the Experts
  • Navigating the New State of Social Selling with Personal ABM President Kristina Jaramillo and James Burnette from LinkedIn
  • Sales Enablement for Uncertain Times with Scott Barker at Sales Hacker
  • Creating Movement in a World That Is Stopped with Matt Shachter from StrategiCMO
  • The Changing Role of Video in Sales and Marketing with Tyler Lessard (VP of Marketing at Vidyard) and Roger Sanford (digital marketing tech pioneer with video tech patents.)
  • Re-teaching Buyers How to Start Buying Again with Marty Tascona from Deliberate Selling
  • Shifting Away from Field Sales with Max Altschuler at Outreach
  • Re-Defining Your C-Suite Customer Relationship with Jane Hiscock from the Farland Group
Panels & Innovation Labs
  • Panel: Empathetic Sales and Marketing Without Getting Compassion Fatigue
  • Panel: Changing the Sales Game
  • Panel: Evolving ABM and Demand Gen for the C-19 Era
  • Innovation Lab: Increasing Sales and Marketing’s Relevance
  • Improving Your Selling Conversation
  • Removing Costs From Your Revenue Generation
  • Integrating Videos into Your Sales and Marketing Process

Learn from Our Collaborative Intelligence

Eric Gruber

CEO of Personal ABM & Stop the Sales Drop

Kristina Jaramillo

President of Personal ABM & Partner at Stop the Sales Drop

Roger Sanford

CEO of CEO Wingman & Partner at Stop the Sales Drop

Lee Odden

Lee Odden

CEO & Co-Founder at TopRank Marketing

Ardath Albee

VP of Marketing at Modus & CEO of Marketing Interactions

Max Altschuler

VP Marketing at Outreach & CEO of Sales Hacker

Jessica Fewless

Former VP of ABM Strategy at Demandbase

Colleen Stanley

Founder of SalesLeadership

Matt Heinz

President of Heinz Marketing

Tyler Lessard

VP of Marketing at Vidyard

Julie Thomas

President & CEO Value Selling Associates

Lisa Shepherd

President at The Mezzanine Group

Todd Caponi

Founder, Speaker & Trainer at Sales Melon

Elissa Fink

Former CMO of Tableau Software & Current Advisor to Tech Companies

Rob Jeppsen

Founder & CEO of Xvoyant

John Moore

VP of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan

Howard Sewell

President at Spear Marketing Group

Scott Baradell

CEO at Idea Grove

Shari Johnston

Partner, Account Based Strategy Practice Lead at Winning by Design

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner

CEO & CMO at Marketing Insider Group

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  • Sales enablement research that was revealed for the first time during the summit

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With this option you will get the on-demand recordings for the recent 5-day summit with 50+ sales and marketing experts, the recordings of the pre-summit workshop, and sales enablement research that was revealed for the first time during the summit. 

Plus you will get:

  • Strategy sessions with the experts and a roadmap to help you execute on the ideas collected from our 50+ guest experts
  • Monthly round tables where you get to join the conversation with our community of advisors and sales & marketing professionals.
  • High-level networking as we will match you with peer groups that will give a sense of community & shared context that will lead you to fast-thinking shifts.
  • Access to our video library where we will be adding new insider circle interviews and webinars on a monthly basis that will only be available to premium members.