As ABM-ers, the focus should be about driving account-based growth in the 20% of accounts that will deliver both today’s and tomorrow’s 80% of revenues. Unfortunately, too many organizations are going for scale. We can’t build a relationship with key accounts because sales and marketing teams are so focused on scale instead of focusing on the interactions, they need to have with the human buyers in the accounts they want to win, protect and expand. We can’t build a relationship because sales and marketing are not focused on the experiences we need to deliver to specific human buyers.

It’s time we focus on the humans behind the personas we’re targeting. As mentions on their website. ABM is not about accounts but instead the people at those accounts. It’s about the people in the 20% of the accounts that will deliver the greatest revenue growth and how you build trust, a real connection, and the business case to move accounts forward. In the presentation below that Kristina Jaramillo completed for the Litmus Live virtual conference, you’ll see how you should be rethinking your account-based strategies.

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