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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is Not Synonymous with ABM Tech

At the beginning of this year, ITSMA came out with their State of ABM report and it showed that only 1/3 of ABM organizations are seeing significant business improvement. Yet previous research shows – and intuitively we all agree – that ABM works.

So where is the breakdown occurring? 

At Personal ABM, we believe that ABM’s definition and direction have gotten diluted. ABM has always been about focusing on the accounts that can provide maximum lifetime value – getting new key accounts to revenue and existing accounts to greater revenue. But the term “ABM” has become synonymous with the technology that enables it (6Sense, Demandbase, Terminus, etc.), which is wrongly seen as a silver bullet.  Companies are treating ABM as “marketing as usual” with shiny new tools.

In this video, Kristina Jaramillo shows how this diluted definition is creating challenges for a channel sales technology firm that wants to accelerate growth fast after recent funding. You’ll see why the channel sales tech firm is not able to:

  • Penetrate the 60% of the market that is stuck in the status quo
  • Consistently win multi-year, $70K per year deals as those accounts requiring this deal size are regularly taking the safe, comfortable bet of investing in Salesforce.

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